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  • THE PERSIANS - steady kind



    JOE HENDERSON - baby don't leave me



    EDWARD HAMILTON & THE ARABIANS - i love you so



    BOBBY BRADSHAW - make someone happy



    ALBERT KING - this funny feeling



    THE CROWD - what else can i do



    LILE HERMAN - i'm gonna put the hurt on you



    LITTLE GIGI - i volunteer



    GUY MAURICE - Broadway Boo-Ga-Loo




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  • Une dernière série pour ce spéciale Northern Soul avant de revenir au Hit du Popcorn



    SANDY GOLDEN - when we're all alone tonight



    THE ARABIANS - please take a chance on me



    JOCK MITCHELL - not a chance in a million



    GENE CHANDLER - cowboys to girl



    TURF TYDELL - i got her love



    ALEX BROWN - what would you do without someone to love



    DEANA LUCAS - cry it out baby



    DANELLE DARRIS - let's do the shotgun



    JAMES DOCKERY - my faith in you is all gone ( version original )







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  • On ne change pas de genre pour cette semaine, si ce n'est que j'ai choisi pour la majorité quelques titres un peu plus cool, plus fleur bleu.



    THE PERFECTIONS - which one am i



    BOBBY BLAND - let's get together



    BROOKS O' DELL - Watch your step



    CALVIN GRAYSON - loves just begun



    DANELLE DARRIS - don't love me and leave me




    THE CAESARS - get yourself together



    THE CHARMELS - as long as i've got you



    FREDDIE HUGHES - he's no good



    sunlovers - my poor heart 



    DARRELL BANKS - i'm the one who loves you

    Pure Northern Soul ( comme l'apprécient nos Amis Anglais ) 

    Moi J'adore et vous !?

















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